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Nylon 6 (Polyamide 6)

SPB Products made from this material
Balls, Bushes, Gears, Rod, Screws, Sheet

Also known as PA6 or Polyamide 6. Good fatigue resistance and better low temperature toughness than Acetal. Swells up to 8% in water. Weathering can cause colour change and embrittlement.

Properties of Nylon 6

Physical Properties
Density g/cm3 1.14
Surface Hardness Rockwell R 90
Tensile Strength MPa 59
Flexural Modulus GPa 1.2
Notched Izod kJ/m 0.11
Linear Expansion per oC x 0.00008
Elongation at Break % 60
Strain at Yield % 4.5
Max Operating Temp. oC 80
Water Absorption % 1.2
Oxygen Index % 22
Flammability UL94 HB
Volume Resistivity log ohm.cm 15
Dielectric Strength MV/m 25
Dissipation Factor @ 1kHz 0.2
Dielectric Constant @ 1kHz 8
Heat Deflection Temp. @ 0.45 MPa oC 200
Heat Deflection Temp. @ 1.80 MPa oC 100
Material Drying Hours @ oC 3 @ 95
Melting Temp. Range oC 280 - 300
Mould Shrinkage % 1.5
Mould Temp. Range oC 40 - 80

Chemical Resistance
Chemical Resistance
Acids (Concentrated) Poor
Acids (Dilute) Poor
Alcohols Good
Alkalis Fair-Good
Aromatic hydrocarbons Good
Greases and Oils Good
Halogenated Hydrocarbon Poor-Good
Halogens Poor
Ketones Good

Note! Property values are typical and should be used only as a guide to selection of materials and not as purchase specifications.

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