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Bearing Cleanliness

Strict cleanliness is an essential condition for the good operation of all miniature bearings. RMB Germany achieves this perfect cleanliness by

  • Full temperature control and air filtration of all production departments
  • Ultrasonic cleaning of all components after different stages of manufacture
  • Cleaning by specially developed methods, of all component parts before assembly
  • The assembly of parts in special clean rooms, in which the temperature, humidity and dust content of the atmosphere are controlled to precise limits
  • Strict observation of the rules of cleanliness enforced on all personnel working in these clean rooms
  • The repeated cleaning of finished bearings by processes specially designed and perfected for small bearings
  • The use of specially filtered lubricants
  • The packing of finished bearings in absolutely clean sachets or tubes hermetically sealed

The above examples give an indication of the efforts made by RMB to supply their customers with bearings of the highest standard of cleanliness. For premium bearing performance it is essential that this standard is maintained by the end user. This may be achieved by observing the following points:

  • It is the degree of precision and of cleanliness called for by the application which determines to what point the following recommendations should be carried out.
  • Assembly components, shafts, spindles, housings, springs etc should be manufactured to the specified tolerances, and the surface finish should be satisfactory for the application in question. All the components should be free from faults, corrosion, burrs etc. Cleaning of all component parts before mounting the bearing should be done outside the workroom where the bearings are to be mounted and all necessary care should be taken to avoid recontamination during transport from cleaning to place of assembly (assembly shop).
  • The bearings should be assembled in a place specially arranged for the purpose and separated from other departments. It should if possible conform to CLEAN ROOM standards, with dust free atmosphere, temperature and humidity control. Machining should not be done in the same room.
  • The personnel employed in the assembly of high precision bearings should be subject to special rules of cleanliness. It is usual to equip them with overalls and head-dress of special non-fibrous material. It should be strictly forbidden to smoke, eat, make-up etc within the clean rooms.
  • Bearings should be removed from their packing only immediately before assembly. If the package contains several bearings, it should be opened in such a way that only one bearing may be taken out at a time.
  • Bearings should be manipulated with tweezers or other special tools. One should never touch high precision bearings with fingers unprotected by rubber or plastic finger stalls.

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