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Bearings and Spare Parts
Where alternative parts are offered, we make no claims as to their suitability.
Selection of the most suitable bearings and parts is the responsibility of the customer.
We recommend you replace bearings with the same type if that type is working well.
High speed caged bearings are better suited to handle vibration than standard caged bearings.

All dimensions on this website are shown in mm unless otherwise indicated.
Click on the linked part numbers in the table below for more details.

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Part Description / Location Option Manufacturers Part Number Quantity Required for this Application Features Information Comments Part Number
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4-40 x 1 Socket Head... 312 Deleted Item. Availa...DBR3128
4-40 x 1/2 Socket He... 571 Deleted Item. Availa...DBR5713
4-40 x 1-1/2 Socket ... 314 Deleted Item. Availa...DBR3144
4-40 x 3/4 Socket He... 572 Deleted Item. Availa...DBR5726
48 Lazer Rod. 501 Deleted Item. Availa...DBR5011
5/32 I.D. Fuel Line Barb.
814 Deleted Item. Availa...DBR8144
6 Oz. Fuel Tank. 406 Deleted Item. Availa...DBR4062
6-32 x 1 Socket Head... 315 Deleted Item. Availa...DBR3154
6-32 x 1-1/2 Socket ... 317 Deleted Item. Availa...DBR3172
8-32 Blind Nuts zinc... 347 Deleted Item. Availa...DBR3476
8-32 Pressure Fitting.
539 Deleted Item. Availa...DBR5398
8-32 Threaded Inserts.
393 Deleted Item. Availa...DBR3933
9/64 Ball Wrench (8-... 445 Deleted Item. Availa...DBR4451
90 Degree Nylon Bell... 167 Deleted Item. Availa...DBR1671
Adjustable Control H... 493 Deleted Item. Availa...DBR4932
Aileron Horn Wire Ba... 189 Deleted Item. Availa...DBR1892
Antenna Cowling Hook... 349 Deleted Item. Availa...DBR3496
Antenna Tube w/ Cap ... C2340 Deleted Item. Availa...DBRC23402
Ball Link Sockets fo... 188 Deleted Item. Availa...DBR1883
Blind Nuts 2-56. 133 Deleted Item. Availa...DBR1337
Blind Nuts 6-32. 136 Deleted Item. Availa...DBR1361
Control Over-Ride Se... 120 Deleted Item. Availa...DBR1205
Dual Swivel Ball Lin... 901 Deleted Item. Availa...DBR9014
Dual Swivel Ball Lin... 902 Deleted Item. Availa...DBR9021
Dura-Collars 5/32. 140 Deleted Item. Availa...DBR1402
E/Z Link (0.093/4-40... 885 Deleted Item. Availa...DBR8851
E/Z Link. Snap fit.
855 Deleted Item. Availa...DBR8553
Electric Flyer Hinge Tape.
916 Deleted Item. Availa...TPE-HNG-DBR9162
Epoxy Brushes. 345 Deleted Item. Availa...DBR3451
Fill It Fuel System ... 840 Deleted Item. Availa...DBR8401
Fuel Line Clips (For... 678 Deleted Item. Availa...DBR6783
Fuel Line Clips (For... 677 Deleted Item. Availa...DBR6775
Gas Conversion Stopper.
400 Deleted Item. Availa...DBR4001
Heavy Duty Ball Links 4-40
C2263 Deleted Item. Availa...DBRC22631
Heavy Duty Control H... 867 Deleted Item. Availa...DBR8672
Heavy Duty E/Z Connector.
489 Deleted Item. Availa...DBR4893
Kwik Fill Fuel Cap F... 807 Deleted Item. Availa...DBR8073
Kwik Grip E/Z Connec... 608 Deleted Item. Availa...DBR60820
Kwik Switch Mount. 203 Deleted Item. Availa...DBR2032
Kwik-Fill Fueling Va... 335 Deleted Item. Availa...DBR3351
Kwik-Fill Fueling Va... 334 Deleted Item. Availa...DBR3341
Kwik-Link on a 12 in... 108 Deleted Item. Availa...DBR1081
Large Threaded Couplers.
212 Deleted Item. Availa...DBR2121
Lazer Rod Push Rod Exit.
502 Deleted Item. Availa...DBR5023
Micro Adjustable Con... 935 Deleted Item. Availa...DBR9355
Micro2 Control Horn.
919 Deleted Item. Availa...DBR91910
Micro2 E/Z Link for ... 920 Deleted Item. Availa...DBR9203
Mini E/Z Connector L... 845 Deleted Item. Availa...DBR84513
Mini-NY Steel Pushro... 113 Deleted Item. Availa...DBR1134
Mini-Nylon Kwik-Link... 229 Deleted Item. Availa...DBR22918

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Dubro by description Dubro Parts

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