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Style Flute Diameter Flute Length Shank Diameter Part Number
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Taper Shape (90 deg) 25.400 6.35 GAR68070RS0
Taper Shape (90 deg) 25.400 6.35 GAR68072RS0
Thread Verifier 26 Male and Female T...6-32, 8-32, 3/16-24,...M4,M5, M6, M7, M8, M...TV-26RS0
Thread Verifier 28 Male and Female T...6-32, 8-32, 10-24,10...1/2-13,1/2-20, 9/16-...TV-29RS2
Thread Verifier 32 Male and Female T...32 Threads 3-48 to 1...7/8 and 1 inch are holes only MA-2RS0
Knife No5 Heavy Duty Red Handly with No5 Blade - MAX-500051
Body Scissors Small 100mm Generic TL-SCISSORS-CARBODY23
Needle Files 10 Pack 150
(5.906 in.)
0 to 14.0mm Aluminium - TL-BODY-REAMER4
3 Pliers set Needle Nose with side cutter Diagonal Cutting Curved Tip Ball Link TL-PLIER-SET7
Airbrush Cleaner Brushes 5 Various sizes BRUSHKIT2
Brushes Epoxy Brushes DBR3451
Extra Small 4 - 18mm NES1ARS0
Giant 32 - 128mm NES3RS0
Handle B & E Series RYH1RS0
Hobby Drill Small but powerfull Includes 3 chucks fo...Battery operated KS65040
Large 17 - 38mm NES2RS0
M8x1.25 (8mm Standard) 1.250mm / 20.32 TPI
Chrome Alloy - Carbon Steel DNT-080M1
Nutdriver Set Contains: 8.0mm Hex Nutdriver Contains: 7.0mm Hex ...Contains: 5.5mm Hex Nutdriver TL-HEXSOCKETSET1
Pitch Gauge Remote Control Aircarft - TL-GAUGE-PITCH1
Plastic Holder B & E Series RY22610RS0
Screwdriver Set Contains: 1 x Philli...Contains: 1 x Flat S...Contains: 1 x 4.0mm Nut Driver SCREWDRIVERSET-HOBBY3
Tap and Drill Set M2.5 x 0.45 High quality steel T...DBR3711
Tyre Camber Gauge Blue Alloy Aluminium For 1/10 Scale RC Cars TL-GAUGE-CAMB-BLU1
Tyre Camber Gauge Purple Alloy Aluminium For 1/10 Scale RC Cars TL-GAUGE-CAMB-PUR1
Wire Bender For wire from 1/8 in...Full instructions on box Allows for bending o...TL-WI-BEND-KS3264
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Page Number 1 From Description 0.0 to Description 1/4-20 UNC
Page Number 2 From Description 1/4-20 UNC to Description 1.30
Page Number 3 From Description 1.30 to Description 1.95
Page Number 4 From Description 1.95 to Description 3/32-48 BSW (2.38mm)
Page Number 5 From Description 3/32-48 BSW (2.38mm) to Description 6BA (2.794mm)
Page Number 6 From Description 6BA (2.794mm) to Description 3mm
Page Number 7 From Description 3mm to Description M3.5x0.6 (3.5mm Standard)
Page Number 8 From Description M3.5x0.6 (3.5mm Standard) to Description 5/32-32 BSW (3.969mm)
Page Number 9 From Description 5/32-32 BSW (3.969mm) to Description 8-32 UNC (4.166mm)
Page Number 10 From Description 8-32 UNC (4.166mm) to Description 10-24 UNC (4.762mm)
Page Number 11 From Description 10-24 UNC (4.762mm) to Description 5.000 and 5.555mm
Page Number 12 From Description 5.000 and 5.555mm to Description 12-28 UNF (5.486mm)
Page Number 13 From Description 12-28 UNF (5.486mm) to Description 1/4-20 UNC (6.35mm)
Page Number 14 From Description 1/4-20 UNC (6.35mm) to Description 1/4-28 UNF (6.35mm)
Page Number 15 From Description 1/4-28 UNF (6.35mm) to Description 5/16-18 UNC (7.938mm)
Page Number 16 From Description 5/16-18 UNC (7.938mm) to Description M8x1.25 (8mm Standard)
Page Number 17 From Description M8x1.25 (8mm Standard) to Description M10x1.5 (10mm Standard)
Page Number 18 From Description M10x1.5 (10mm Standard) to Description 1/2-13 UNC (12.700mm)
Page Number 19 From Description 1/2-13 UNC (12.700mm) to Description M16x2 (16mm Standard)
Page Number 20 From Description M16x2 (16mm Standard) to Description 25.4
Page Number 21 From Description 25.4 to Description Replacement Blades
Page Number 22 From Description Replacement Blades to Description Hex Keys
Page Number 23 From Description Hex Keys to Description Puller Stud
Page Number 24 From Description Puller Stud to Description Taper Shape (90 deg)
Page Number 25 From Description Taper Shape (90 deg) to Description Cylindrical - Radius End
Page Number 26 From Description Cylindrical - Radius End to Description Tree - Radius Nose
Page Number 27 From Description Tree - Radius Nose to Description Taper Shape (90 deg)
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