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(1.000 in.)
Short Arm HK-2540-S0
(1.063 in.)
Short Arm HK-2700-S0
(1.125 in.)
Short Arm HK-2858-S0
1 1/4-11.5 NPT (42.164mm) 2.209 mm / 11.5 TPI
- TPC-318N0
1 1/4-11.5 NPT (42.164mm) 2.209mm / 11.5 TPI
(1.252 in.)
Short Arm HK-3180-S0
(1.260 in.)
Long Arm HK-3200-L0
(1.260 in.)
Short Arm HK-3200-S0
(1.375 in.)
Short Arm HK-3493-S0
(1.417 in.)
Short Arm HK-3600-S0
1 1/2-11.5 NPT (48.260mm) 2.209 mm / 11.5 TPI
- TPC-381N0
1 1/2-11.5 NPT (48.260mm) 2.209mm / 11.5 TPI
(1.500 in.)
Bar DH-381-BAR0
(1.500 in.)
Short Arm HK-3810-S0
40 Watt Spare Tip To suit TS-1475 Soldering Iron TS1476ED2
40 - 100
(1.575 in.)
90 Degree External Only PRS-E023-901
(1.750 in.)
Short Arm HK-4445-S0
2-11.5 NPT (60.325mm) 2.209 mm / 11.5 TPI
- TPC-508N0
2-11.5 NPT (60.325mm) 2.209mm / 11.5 TPI
(2.000 in.)
Bar DH-508-BAR0
77.77 - 152.40mm (3....Straight Ratchet PRR-I120-X1
80 Watts Spare Tip To suit SOLIRON80WT SOLTIP80WTCLD2
80 Watt 240V Soldering Iron Ideal for the hobbyi...TS1485ED1
85 - 165mm (3.35 to ...90 Degree Internal Only PRS-I032-902
Allen Key Ball Tipped 2.00mm Screw Driver Handle DBR4491
Allen Key Ball Tipped 3.57mm Screw Driver Handle DBR4451
Bearing Puller for 5...Special Hobby Puller N/A LAH-2731
Blade No.17 Small Chisel Blade Excel EXL20017-ME3
Blade Holder B & E Series Telescopes from 25.4...RYH2RS0
Blade Holder B Series Telescopes from 12.7...RY22614RS0
Disposable Burr E Series With E-100 Tip, hand...RY22050RS0
Double Burr Set Simultaneously remov...Unique round cutting...RY22060RS1
Double Header B & E Series One end contains B S...RY22105RS0
HSP Starter Pack Glow Ingiter and Charger Fuel Bottle NITRO-START-PACK12
Knife K1 Knife with Safety Cap Excel EXL16001-ME3
Knife K1 Knife with Six As...Excel EXL19064-ME3
Mini-Reversible Countersink Hole range 3.175 - 5.556mm Deburrs inside and o...RY22455RS1
Multi Burr Set E Series Contains E-100, E-20...RY22022RS0
Number and Letter Punch Set Contains 36 Pieces A - Z, 0-8, & Symbol GYC607-31
Number Punch Contains 9 Pieces Numbers 0-8 GYC602-62
Pocket Starter Complete Back plate to suit i...POCKET-STARTER4
Puller Spare Centre ...- - PULLER-2JAW-25MM-SPINDLE3
Puller Spare Legs (Pair) - - PULLER-2JAW-25MM-LEGS2
Puller Stud M4 x 0.70 - PD-1240RS0
Puller Stud M5 x 0.80 - PD-1245RS0
Puller Stud M6 x 1.00 - PD-1250RS0
Puller Stud M8 x 1.25 - PD-1255RS0
Remover/Setter Tool - - PD-1210RS0
Replacement Blades B Series Standard Duty RYB10RS0
Replacement Blades B Series Standard Duty RYB20RS0

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Page Number 3 From Type 1.30 to Type 1.95
Page Number 4 From Type 1.95 to Type 3/32-48 BSW (2.38mm)
Page Number 5 From Type 3/32-48 BSW (2.38mm) to Type 6BA (2.794mm)
Page Number 6 From Type 6BA (2.794mm) to Type 3mm
Page Number 7 From Type 3mm to Type M3.5x0.6 (3.5mm Standard)
Page Number 8 From Type M3.5x0.6 (3.5mm Standard) to Type 5/32-32 BSW (3.969mm)
Page Number 9 From Type 5/32-32 BSW (3.969mm) to Type 8-32 UNC (4.166mm)
Page Number 10 From Type 8-32 UNC (4.166mm) to Type 10-24 UNC (4.762mm)
Page Number 11 From Type 10-24 UNC (4.762mm) to Type 5.000 and 5.555mm
Page Number 12 From Type 5.000 and 5.555mm to Type 12-28 UNF (5.486mm)
Page Number 13 From Type 12-28 UNF (5.486mm) to Type 1/4-20 UNC (6.35mm)
Page Number 14 From Type 1/4-20 UNC (6.35mm) to Type 1/4-28 UNF (6.35mm)
Page Number 15 From Type 1/4-28 UNF (6.35mm) to Type 5/16-18 UNC (7.938mm)
Page Number 16 From Type 5/16-18 UNC (7.938mm) to Type 8-32
Page Number 17 From Type 8-32 to Type M10x1.5 (10mm Standard)
Page Number 18 From Type M10x1.5 (10mm Standard) to Type 12.7
Page Number 19 From Type 12.7 to Type M16x2 (16mm Standard)
Page Number 20 From Type M16x2 (16mm Standard) to Type 25.4
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Page Number 23 From Type Puller to Type Hex Keys
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Page Number 28 From Type Taper Shape (90 deg) to Type Wire Bender

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